Wetmore Fire burning west of Pueblo

The Wetmore Fire was reported 25 miles west of Pueblo this afternoon. We’ve created a preliminary map of the fire, it’s available on the Wetmore Fire map page.

Current stats on the fire:

  • Fire first reported at 1:32 pm on October 23rd, 2012
  • Fire size currently “at least 600 acres”
  • No confirmation of on number of threatened or damaged structures
I’ll update this map as more information becomes available.
Last update at 6:00pm on October 23rd.


2 thoughts on “Wetmore Fire burning west of Pueblo

  1. this map (which may be old) doesn’t show where the fire started. i was one of two cars to first arrive on the scene and stayed to douse the flames approaching the house on the WEST side of hwy 96. When I arrived the smoke seems to be confined to the back yard of that house — and then quickly jumped the road. the map shown here shows the western edge of the fire to be on the EAST side of the highway. This was not where it started. fyi.

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